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As Above So Below

asabovesobelowwebGoing right back to the roots of ancient Jewish mysticism, to the full flowering of gnosticism in the early days of the Christian church, and on to the present day, this book provides an historical overview of gnostic thought.

Gnosticism is intuitive spiritual knowledge - when we truly know ourselves, say the gnostics, then we will know God and we will have conquered all doubts and fears.

Learn how to achieve a spiritual transformation of your life so that you are living in the realm of the spirit.

How did Gnosticism begin and how can it benefit us today? Michael Jones shows that the roots of Christian Gnostic thought and practice are deeply embedded in Jewish mysticism. He has also made extensive use of the Bible and has tried to demonstrate that the Jewish and Christian Scriptures are crammed full of Gnostic concepts. There are also some references to apocryphal Jewish literature and to the so-called Gnostic gospels and other Gnostic literature.

Category: Religion/Spirituality

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