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Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Pantomime Script

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This enchanting and colourful version of the much-loved fairy tale is set in the circus. When Goldilocks and her father the Ringmaster fall upon hard times, they enlist the help of three talented and musical bears to bring a new dimension to their show.

The Wicked Baron has other ideas however. He plots to capture the bears and make them work for him. It takes Simple Simon, Sarah the Cook and all the boys and girls in the audience to outwit the Baron and rescue the bears in a heartwarming, happy ending.

Great fun for young children and all the family, this is a wonderful read in itself – and for those interested in performance, there is nothing more to pay for amateur rights which are included in the price of the ebook.  (See publisher’s page for details.)

Category: Performing Arts/Pantomime

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