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Mother Goose

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In this captivating and fun pantomime script, we first meet Fairy Bowbells and her book of spells. She tells us that she may need us to help her defeat a villain. Mother Goose and her son Billy run their cafe in Gooseland - but business is poor and they can't pay the rent. Wicked Squire Sludge has opened his burger bar just over the road and is taking all their customers. Jill arrives in the village and starts to help Mother Goose and Billy. Soon they all realise there must be something magical about the wonderful Goose Priscilla. Then Squire Sludge tricks Billy out of the money for the rent. Everyone is worried - until Priscilla starts to lay golden eggs! 

This is a wonderful retelling of the classic story - a great read in itself, or for those interested in performance, there is nothing more to pay as amateur rights are included in the price of the ebook. (See publishers’ page in preview section for details.)

Category: Performing Arts/Pantomime

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