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Romani Ways by G E C Webb

romanyways-cover2-webRenowned and much-loved Dorset author G.E.C. Webb was known among gypsies as “Romani Rai”, an honour rarely given to one who was not of Romani blood. In this brilliant and engrossing companion to his best-seller “Gypsies, The Secret People”, he shares his most revealing memories of these mysterious people, which go back to his Dorset schooldays in the 1920s.
Here, in his own words, is the story of how he came to know and be accepted by The Secret People, providing unique glimpses of an ancient culture with strange customs and beliefs. The author’s style is often to make use of the present tense, although all the happenings he relates took place many years ago.
Of all the people on the road today commonly referred to as gypsies, very few can be rightly so called. True gypsies are people descended from the mysterious Romani tribes who first came to England some centuries ago.
G.E.C. Webb was regarded as one of the UK’s leading authorities on Romanis and their customs. Discover their way of life and learn about their now mostly-lost language in this wonderful personal account of a world long gone.
This fascinating book also features a unique glossary of Romani words learned by the author during the course of his many meetings with the Romanis.

Category: Social History

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