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The Adventures of Dick Whittington and his Cat - Pantomime Script

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Journey with us to Old London Town as young Dick Whittington arrives to seek his fortune. He takes a job in Alderman Fitzwarren's store and falls in love with the Alderman's daughter Alice. Fairy Bowbells tells them that wicked King Rat is up to his evil tricks again, and everything goes wrong when Dick is accused of taking money from the till. Sarah the Cook and Tom the Cat try to tell everyone the truth but Dick is sent away in disgrace.
In Act Two the Sultan of Morocco's Island is overrun with rats. Our friends set sail to help, only to be shipwrecked on the way. Through many twists and turns, King Rat is undone and Dick is cleared of dishonesty. In a heartwarming, happy ending, he marries Alice and becomes Mayor of London.
This is a wonderful retelling of the classic pantomime story- a great read in itself, or for those interested in performance, there is nothing more to pay as amateur rights are included in the price of the ebook. (See publishers’ page in preview section for details.)

Category: Performing Arts/Pantomime

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