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The New Adventures of Pinocchio

pinocchiocoverwebThis captivating script by award-winning writer Richard Gill starts with the story that everyone loves - Pinocchio's birth in Gepetto's workshop, follows with his meetings with favourite characters like the Sly Fox and Cunning Cat, and then sends Pinocchio across the world on a new and fabulous adventure to find a heart and become a real boy.

Using the best parts of the original story, combined with colourful new scenes, this is a wonderful script for all the family to enjoy together. Read how old Gepetto carves Pinocchio from a log of wood cut from an enchanted tree, then meet the comical rogue Stromboli, take a trip with Fantasini’s Floating Circus, and help to rescue Pinocchio from King Neptune and the Giant Clam!
All the well-known favourites – and many new ones – are magically mixed into this new and exciting adventure.

Written by award-winning playwright Richard Gill.

Category: Performing Arts/Pantomime

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